Northside Christian Daycare has been providing an affordable and safe environment for children for 30 years. What sets us apart from others is our experience and ministry mindset. At Northside, our teachers do not merely babysit children, but lovingly and patiently teach the foundational lessons needed for later learning. It is always surprising to see how much these little sponges can soak up when given the right encouragement. And basic respect for one another balances the academic emphasis.

Our Daycare uses the facilities of Northside Baptist Church. The classrooms and full-sized playground are designed around the needs of the children. Our Daycare is licensed by the State of Colorado and meets all health and safety laws for operation. All of our teachers meet the requirements of the State of Colorado, including a background check.

Lucy & Leticia Daycare Portrait

For more information, call the Daycare Office to speak to our Director, Lucy Anglo at 303-457-1433. You can drop by at any time, but an appointment is always appreciated. We would be glad to give you a tour of our facilities. Our Daycare is licensed to accept children ages 2 1/2 through Kindergarten, as well as children up to 16 years of age for holidays and summer.